m2m imaging

About Us

m2m Imaging is a leading developer of preclinical and clinical imaging system accessories. With a product portfolio that spans from 0.2T to 21T, and from 2mm to 30cm dis. m2m specialises in custom developments to specific research requirements. Surface coils, volume coils, arrays, and our multi element Hi B1 field uniformity BioSAW coils are all available either as standalone coils or integrated into a hi throughput ³AHS² platforms with anesthesia, nosecones, and stereotactic fixation. m2m builds coil and coil systems for all manufacturers platforms, horizontal and vertical bore, all nuclei, all applications, and has over 4000 products in use in major University and Pharmaceutical labs around the world.

m2m also offers state of the art physiological monitoring, gating, and warming solutions for PET,SPECT, and CT preclinical imagers, and is embedded in several OEM platforms as the solution of choice².